Brick Lane on a Grey Day

Meet Jasper Frost.

Jasper is one of my oldest friends and was my partner in crime when my camera obsession began all those years ago. Around the ages of 8 or 9 we started to make little spy movies on our camcorders which would later evolve into making every conceivable Star Wars sequel, prequel and spin off. This carried on until we had to go our separate paths in regards to schools but we've always worked together here and there on corporate video jobs and other escapades. The only downside of "work" working together was that we could never have too much fun and we were always stuck to a brief (as is tradition with work) so a new hobby was needed.

Flash forward to late October 2017!

I've received the brand new Polaroid Originals Onestep2, It has been signed by Wim Wenders (I was very persistent, sorry Wim) and it just might be my favourite thing ever. So Jasper and I decide to take it around London so I put it through it's paces and Jasper can decide whether or not to get one for himself (he does).

This could be marked as the beginning of the photography day, an unimaginative name for a vague tradition. Whenever Jasper and I have a free day and enough film we take our Polaroids and DSLRs into

the city and spend as much time as we can going completely trigger happy and shredding through film. We then sit in a pub and review our day's results and figure out why some are amazing and some are less so.

My favourite part of our Polaroid sessions is what we do with them once they have developed. I crudely scribble the date on the frame and stick them on my wall so I can just stare at the mosaic of missed expressions and overexposed dog pictures.

Jasper however takes more time.

After the shutter is pressed and the picture is tucked into his jacket pocket for exposure he takes his phone out and notes down the exact time the picture was taken. Once we reach our pub/cafe stop Jasper spreads his pictures out on the surface at hand, pulls out his fine tip sharpie and

carefully time-stamps each and every one is perfect handwriting (by my low standards)


I've rambled enough about Jasper and his fine tip Sharpie!

Today Jasper and I decided to venture out towards Brick lane on what must be the gloomiest day we could've picked and here are the results.


Me - Canon 5D mkiii - Onestep2 - Impossible I1

Jasper - Canon 700d I think? - Onestep2

Me first!

Feeling Slightly dwarfed.

Island hopping at the Barbican

Checking the LCD


Take aim

The first pink duochrome

Warming our hands in Rough Trade

A lovely shade of Easyjet orange

Poor framing by me.

The following are all Jasper's

Find him at

"yeah I could scale that"

No caption needed

Look! Me!

Me and my dog.


Jasper has more Polaroids from today but you'll have to head over to his Instagram for those because I only scanned the one with me in it (VANITY)

Thankyou for reading my ramblings!

All the best


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