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Those who know me are aware that I am the pinnacle of fitness, I'm shredded, I'm a cardio machine, I'm 90% protein and I'm a compulsive liar. But this isn't about me. In a previous blog post I mentioned how I'd done some photography work for children's cancer charity CLIC SARGENT (should it be in all caps?), In late July I'm finally stepping out from behind that camera and getting back on my bike for the Prudential London 100 and I'm riding it for CLIC SARGENT (I guess we're sticking with caps).

For those who don't know, the London 100 is a 100 mile cycling sportive event which takes riders out of London, up a lot of big hills and drops us back at Buckingham Palace. This will be the second time I've done this and even for someone as ripped as myself it's gruelling.

Tell you what's worse though


Worse than that?

Kids with Cancer. Kids should be outside learning about the world and eating dirt (just me?) not being put through unimaginable pain. No parent should ever be put through the thought of out living their own child let alone the reality.

There are things we can do about it though.

My fundraising target is £450 which is absolutely nothing so I reckon we can smash that.

Here's some motivation! £30 can set a family up in a home away from home so their kid doesn't have to be alone in the hardest fight imaginable. £30 is the price of a meal for two or even 30 things from Poundland but it could be spent so much better so please please please spare some for those who really need it.

Donation link below.

Give what you can.

I'll also be hosting a few fundraising events closer to the date of the ride (CHARITY PUB QUIZ!!!) so stay tuned for details about that.

Thank you for reading

All the best


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