Last Week #11

This is a formal apology to Fulham FC

Many years ago I purchased a plushy Fulham football for my dog, Scout. He loved and cherished it for many years and after a while, I felt like it had become a part of the family.

Unfortunately, on Saturday, May 6th Scout ate the ball. To this day we're still finding bits of chewed stuffing everywhere but that isn't the worst part. The very next day Fulham lost 3-1 to Birmingham snapping a streak of victories (and draws) and on Friday the 11th of may Fulham lost to Derby County by 1-0.

Now I'm not superstitious but that's a little weird. I'm certainly not trying to blame my local team's shortcomings on my dog but we all need to admit that it is 100% his fault.

So on behalf of my stupid dog, sorry.

P.S Fulham plays Derby again tonight so I've gone ahead and replaced the ball in hopes that maybe we can undo Scout's mess. Despite his facial expression in the picture, I can confirm that Scout is not sorry and would do it again in a heartbeat.

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