Last Week #12

One of the most rewarding things about photography is nailing the candid shot because it takes one's ability to read a situation and the perfect moment. The whole concept of candid photography appeals to me so much because it scares the crap out of me but I love the results so much. Every time I shoot and it works out I instantly want to go out and keep shooting and every time it doesn't go as planned I can immediately figure out why and make a mental note for the next time. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned it scares me and sometimes when I'm shooting I'll panic and forget all about composition, shutter speed and exposure and just go trigger happy. This is where Saturday's goal came into play.

Whenever there is any form of royal event, we use it as an excuse to close of the street and eat a medically inadvisable amount of everything. This is more formally known as a street party. I knew I'd have my camera and I knew I'd be expected to take at least some pictures. My goal was to slow down with my shooting and not get too flustered by everything happening around me. I found that as the day went on I slowly gained confidence (aided by the booze) I noticed that I was shooting to edit and keeping previous successful results in mind.

There isn't really an end to this 'story' yet (riveting I know) because I'm still working on my focus but I can make up for the disappointment by showing you pictures from the day.

Oh how lucky you are ;)

Patriot cakes!

Tessa with a healthy variety of mugs

Power struggle

Harbord Street Veteran

A local hound

Annie meets a puppy

Oh God! The eyes!!

Sunday Afternoon

There are so many more gems from that day so I'm going to make a gallery for the website later on this week.

Thank you so much for reading

Take care



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