Last Week #4


That was a busy one.

This was the week of family photo shoots and half marathons and it was an absolute blast.

First I would like to thank the Robinson family. Sam, Michael, Edward, Jack and I had an amazing time chasing around Battersea park and scrambling up trees. While I want to just put the entire gallery from the day into this week's blog, I have something super special planned and that would ruin it.

So you'll have to wait.

I also spent some quality time with Scruffy and his human, Thalia.

Scruffy is a charming old pup with no sign of camera shyness.

I hung out with my own furry pal on International Puppy day (which is thing! Look it up!)

And then there's the half marathon.

The London Landmarks Half Marathon his 12 miles of London's finest landmarks (as the name suggests)

I spent the day with CLIC Sargent, A charity for youngsters with cancer.

So that's how I'm going to wrap up this weekly update.

I spent my week with happy families and then saw people who have been affected by such hardships.

Cancer is the absolute worst but there are ways we can kick it in the teeth.

Donate what you can, run a marathon, volunteer for a charity because that's what actually saves lives.

Thank you for your time

Have a great week

All the best


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