Last Week #6

I'm so ashamed.

This has been the week of few pictures BUT I feel like what I did get is worthy of a blog post so buckle up (ugh lame)

Kicking it off!

These Cherry Blossoms are amazing! They look a little bit naff for the majority of the year and then all of a sudden PINK! Not long after, the petals fall and coat the pavement making for a great shoot location. This picture of my father was more of a field test. At some point I'll be wrangling someone into standing around one of these beauties for me while I pretend I know what I'm doing.

For those asking


We're heading back from the pub

And yes

We met many dogs

I think that's a dog

So fingers crossed I'll have more next week because it feels weird not having a mountain of miscellaneous pictures.

I'll leave you with this.

Here we have a poorly focused picture of Jasper and Jade, two lovely people with a great appreciation for denim. I shot this right outside Picturehouse Central (Just by Piccadilly) and even though I've lived in this city for all of my life I never noticed the lighting potential that the giant, obnoxious screens offer.

So I'm going back


So It was a bit of a slow week but we all have those right?

Until next time



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