Last Week #7

I drank a lot of coffee this week. I'm not ashamed of that I just thought I should let you know.

Other than that I spent a good chunk of the week updating the website with pictures of dogs. I'm working on several galleries based on my pet photography but that's still a couple days away from going live.


Last week I mentioned how I wanted to do a shoot under those really cool Cherry Blossoms.

I kinda did

Thank you to Cindy Hanegraaf for the expert use of your hand.

Thank you to Scout for being absolutely no help at all.

I also met up with Eloise Dunne who told me to wait a goddamn second.

Eloise is an artist and all around bundle of fun so if you want to see some of her stuff head on over to

And then there were naps

Many many naps

This week is going to be absolutely mental so I'll either have the best blog entry ever or nothing at all.

Thank you so much for reading.

All the best


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