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Salvaged Polaroids | Series One

Polaroid film can be frustratingly temperamental. With eight slides per pack, it’s unlikely they’ll all be winners. I’m always eager to explore the wasted potential that is my box of duds.

This series focuses on the film that never made it past the rollers. Due to a camera fault or losing count of how many shots I have left, sometimes I get an exposed slide that still has all the emulsion gel in the pockets at the base of the frame. From there, the Polaroid is deconstructed and manipulated by hand to create what you have in front of you now.

Each of these Salvaged Polaroids is entirely unique and cannot be replicated.


Series One is on sale now. Each piece costs £75 (free delivery within London)

Each Polaroid will be delivered in a 30x40 frame with a personal note of gratitude from myself.

To check availability or to purchase, please email me at

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