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Best of April

Good bloody morning everyone!

You good? good!

This has been such a productive month! Seriously! Look at all this stuff! There are so many pictures that I didn't have space for!

First things first!

Boat race!

The weather was gray but it was that really moody gray so I'm all for it.

Next up!!

If you follow my Instagram (and why the hell wouldn't you) you may have seen a lot from this shoot BUT some of you don't so here's a few pics from my playground adventures with Jasper Frost (+ some yet to be seen on instagram)

The ground was wet. He did not know this when I asked him to sit on it. Sorry Jasp

Ok so now we're in Shoreditch! Specifically the Nomadic Gardens.

Jade Robertson-Waters and I are drinking posh beer and riding bikes that belong to children.

So the planet is dying and that's pretty awful. The folks over at Extinction Rebellion had something to say about that.

The gentlemen quite likes the planet.

Easter Break!

Meet Leyla Diamondi! She has an EP out! It's available on every platform worth using! She's also a delight to shoot with!

And all this stuff is from yesterday. Alexa Waters and I necked our G&T's and ran off into the woods for a little shoot.

I reckon we did alright.

Wrapping things up.

I've spent the last couple days putting my print portfolio together. Part of that involves creating fake magazine covers. This let's people see how my work looks in print and inflates my very fragile ego.

Alright folks!

Until next month!


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