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Best of August

Retrospectively, this month has been busier than I thought. I was in the mindset that August was just going to be the quiet drag of a month it always has been BUT NAY!! I went to the beach twice and got punched in the face! Curious? of course you are! Read on!

We start with a road-trip

My dad, the dog and I bundle into the car for a couple days of seaside and deep fried everything.

I didn't realize how bad I needed this. It's been a headache of a year so far and I suppose I just needed to go for a two day dog walk with my dad, exchanging music and critiquing other peoples houses.

My dog is afraid of the car. He's also afraid of everything else. We give up

The real victory of this trip was the Polaroids. A couple days before we left, I shot through a pack of colour I-Type and every single shot was either over or under exposed. With the price of film being what it is, this was near heartbreaking. So when I loaded my Onestep with my last B&W pack from my latest shopping spree I was delighted to discover that British beaches in overcast are ideal for polaroids.

Here's a few favorites.

Nice right?

Also! on the topic of that last one. Can we all agree that Dungeness is a bleak and bizarre limbo of a beach.

Am I right or am I right?

Ah well

The dog liked it.

Next up we have Leyla!

This is my second time shooting with Leyla and the second time the weather has absolutely hated us. This time it was wind AND rain but not enough rain to actually look cool, just enough to mess up my glasses and make everything a little icky. But! BUT! as we did before, Leyla and I still nailed it. Whether we found the perfect light in a parking lot stairwell or behind some fancy gastro pub, we managed to get a really lovely set of pictures.

So hats off to Leyla for bringing that weatherproof attitude every time!

Now I can't really share much of beach trip #2 but I can give a huge shout-out to the king of the skies Jason Smith (@cinecloud) for trekking several hours to fly his drone around our super secret location.

And here's the sneakiest of peaks at our location. All I can tell you is that it's full of pigeons and beautiful at sunrise.

And now for the important part, me getting punched in the face.

Now unless you've been living under a rock or just don't read my emails (why dude?) you'll be aware that I'm raising money for AKT (The Albert Kennedy Trust). AKT is a charity battling homelessness in the LGBT+ community and they're holding a one night only event with Pride Boxing on October 10th. The event is called Courage and I've only gone and signed up for it. I've been training for the past few months but as the date edges closer I've decided to kick off my fundraiser.

I'm going to start releasing a more frequent blog for the next 10 weeks that will keep everyone updated on my training and also consistently remind you that I have a fundraiser and that you should give me all your money.




Enough of that for now!

I'll leave you with some of my favorite shots from Jasper and Stef's monthly photography walk and then you can be on your way.

Thanks for stopping by!

See you real soon


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Great Images Stefan. Good luck with the boxing.

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