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Best of February

Month two down!

I spent the early days of this month planning for March but does that mean I didn't take any cool stuff?


Let's crack on!

Kick the month off with a walk to the pub with a reluctant dog.

Skype portraits ... This is a thing now ok?

One Slobbery Boy

The owner of the slobbery boy, blocking out the sun

Omar of Quirky Gadgets
You got a licence for that?

This is what it's all about. Thanks to the O'Sullivan family for having me.

Sleepy Side Eye

Spent a lovely Saturday evening with the fun folk over at Catfish shorts.

"Catfish Shorts is a platform to encourage films featuring female talent from around the globe" <<< They're phenomenal! Check them out!

Jade Robertson-Waters pointing pencils at people like a pro

Courtney Harmstone addressing the nation probably

Thanks to Catfish for having me!

These next few are from the ONA Bags Photowalk.

So I didnt bring any film for it but the Duaflex II came in handy after all.

So many phenomenal photographers just out to play.

Dan Gaba holding my baby

Cheers to Anastasija for posing for me ... many many times

You can find more from the photowalk on Instagram @stefan.g.hanegraaf or at #whereonagoes

Jasper Frost time-stamping the Polaroids

Tessa Vaughan would want me to put some stupid eye pun here. I wont.

Hey! If you've made it this far I might just share the Polaroids from the month.

The bathroom window from the future

From Dan Fransisco to Los Dangeles. Sorry ...I've exhausted all the Dan Puns. Endless thanks to Dan Harris, Dan Gaba and Dan Rubin for all the pointers. It was a pleasure walking with you.

Catfish and KIND bars

Hey! They can't all be winners

Thanks for stopping by!

See you next month!


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