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Best of January

This is the new norm.

Monthly rundowns are the future.

Starting on New Years day!

My sister and I ate far too much and had to burn it off with a walk to the pub.

Dog was essential

Read bricks and low ceilings

That would make a solid hat

Rustic! Is rustic the right word?

Hero shot!!

If you know me then you know I like making people stand in foliage.

Lacklustre sparkler (tut tut paperchase)

Give me neon!

Be nice to bakers and they'll send you birthday cookies. No shame in this plug



We had about 2 minutes of direct sunlight this month

We made the most of it

Happy 5th birthday you hairy idiot.

Until next month!

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Alex McIver
Alex McIver

loving these! Especially the one where Scout has his eyes shut and tongue out

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