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Best of July

Oh my! That was intense!

Let's kick things off with Mavis, shall we?

Mavis Goddamn Staples! The Mavis Staples! Thanks to AGMP I was able to shoot Mavis at the Roundhouse which was completely surreal. My wise old father raised me on his taste in music and this included The Staples Singers so to not only see Mavis live but to actually shoot her gig, meet her, hi-five her??? Amazing!

Mere days later and I'm strutting around London taking portraits of beautiful people for Pride.

So a huge thanks to all those poor sods I hassled for a picture. You're all the best!

There will be a gallery real soon with all my best pics from the day.

Also thanks to my sister for letting me pass out on her couch. Love ya bud!

Taking things down a peg now.

My social media was in dire need of some work. I've spent the last few years on Instagram uploading things that I think will boost my exposure with not that much success. Doing this has almost affected how I shoot and I'm not really ok with that so I decided to change things up a little bit with a new layout. It's really not that big a change but it lets me upload my work in nice little sets that I'm actually quite proud of. Has my engagement dropped? heck yeah! Am I happier with the work I'm putting out? Also heck yeah!

So the guinea pig for my first upload in this layout was my green thumbed plant mama.

Look at her! Look at that lush garden!

Here's what the first set looks like as a strip. Roll on over to my Instagram @stefan.g.hanegraaf to see it as intended.

Meet Paige (with the jam) and Rosie (jam absent)

They're the masterminds behind Ravenous Productions, a delightful company specialising in food theatre. They were kind enough to have me along to shoot the rehearsal for their new play, Sandwiched.

They'll be at The Drayton Arms Theatre on August 19th at 7:30!!


Next up we have Jasper!

A chiselled face of which most of you locals are familiar.

Now Jasper is a really good boy who rarely over consumes anything alcoholic BUT this time he did and I was there to document the aftermath. The following images are of a hungover mess of a human and my failed attempt to make him look like crap.

Look at him! He can barely see!


It was National Dog Photography Day or something like that. It's almost definitely not a real thing but can you really argue with that face?

I don't know if any of you recall but a couple weeks ago the whole of the UK was on goddamn fire!! Right before this heatwave, Norah (@secondbecoming) and I had good ol time shooting in Battersea park

And then the sun really came out and I melted.

Wrapping it up now!

On the final day of July I was over in Hackney shooting the Milk Model Management Summer Party!

So a massive thanks to MiLK for having me and an even bigger thanks to the beautiful people who let me harass them for a picture.

Also the pizza ... thank you so so much for the pizza

And that's it!! That appears to be me done waffling for this month!

I guess I'll see you at the end of August...unless...I maybe want to follow me on Instagram?? @stefan.g.hanegraaf???

See you later folks


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