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Best of June

It should come as no surprise that I teamed up with my pal Jasper Frost of Caged Bird Theatre again but this time I took a step out of my comfort zone. Jasper directed a rendition of Mark Ravenhill's product and those of you with a keen eye may remember that I shot the poster for said play. Because he's the absolute best, Jasper commissioned me to come down to Peckham and shoot the a rehearsal of the play for the sake of promo. I've never shot theatre before and the only thing that really comes close is gig photography. But this was a situation where people could actually hear the click of the shutter and one clumsy move on my part could throw off and entire scene. Obviously the cast were nothing but professional and completely ignored me.

Below are some of my favourites from the Rehearsal.

Next up we have Supergrouse!

This Scottish Reeling band politely took me out of London for the weekend to shoot their set at the Oxford Caledonian Society Trinity Ball (Just rolls off the toungue)

Jason Dickinson (Supergrouse mastermind)

At the time of writing this the sun is shining but this wasn't the case a couple weeks ago when Eloise Dunne and I tried to pull off a shoot in South Ken.

Fortunately Eloise is a badass and isn't afraid of rain

Thanks mate!

And on the very last day of the month I was invited by Get Out Of My Space to shoot the dress rehearsal of their rendition of The 39 Steps.

I'll be honest with you, I begged for this job. Jade Robertson-Waters (who plays almost every female in the play) is a good friend of mine and the moment I saw the location she was working with I wanted in.

The cast were kind enough to let me get right up in their faces during a run-through which gave me so much to play with and made the end result even better.

I also shot the promo portraits for the show but I'd hate to post too much on here because that would spoil the surprise that the folks at Get Out Of My Space are working on.

You can book tickets for The 39 Steps at (do it! do it! do it!)

I believe that's it for this month!

Now July is going to be absolutely crazy so you can either hold out until the next blog to see what cool things I'm working on OR!! you can make your way over to my Instagram account @stefan.g.hanegraaf and watch it unfold in front of your very eyes. Magical!

See you soon!


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