Best of March

Bloody hell it's already April!

How did this happen? it was January yesterday!


Here are my favourite pics from March!

We start in Hastings where I am taking pictures of my reflection because vanity

The one minute when it wasn't raining sideways

Celebrating St Paddy's by jumping on a stereotype

My local has phenomenal lighting

Then down to the Shepherds Bush 02 to shoot the final leg of Dodgy's homegrown tour

Went for a stroll with about a million people who are not bloody happy

Went to Rome in a search for sun, wine and big ol skylights

I pet every dog I see. I will not stop! you cant make me!

Fresh of the plane and right into photographing @secondbecoming do yoga in the middle of the road.

This mothers day I decided to remind you all how photogenic she is.

Oh and I took the dog for a walk

See you next month!!


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