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Best of May

Theresa sit down! This has nothing to do with you.

Ok so that's May down so it's summer now right? Is that how this works?

May began how April ended, with Alexa and I faffing around with a camera.

Jump forward a week and I'm hanging out with the vegan pizza wizards over at Picky Wops in Brixton (144 Stockwell Rd, Stockwell, London SW9 9TQ to be more precise) I've worked a fair amount with food and I can't recall an occasion where I was better fed than with these folks. They're running a phenomenal pizzeria in The Queens Head pub and it's a delightfully endearing atmosphere.

They put chips on pizza and it works guys! It bloody works!

So thanks for having me guys! You two are the mad scientists of Italian cuisine and I'm all here for it.

(also pesto fries)

Another week on and I'm working with everyone's favourite Jasper Frost (ugh again)

He's directing a play and he kindly asked yours truly to put the poster together.

So I gathered as much expired film as I could find and wrapped it around the face of the lovely Sophie who honestly couldn't have been more patient with us.

And here's the final product (the play is called PRODUCT! get it?? GET IT??)

My humble apologies to the 35mm photographers on Instagram. If i'd known how much of an affect this would have on you I probably still would've done it.

Fast forward again and I'm in Battersea park with Norah (@secondbecoming)

This time she came prepared with her own spotter to help her with the handstands.

Yeah I'd say he did pretty good.

Then I took a nice weekend away. My mates and I travelled up to Westbury (I think) for a weekend of BBQ, G&Ts, Poker and cows.

Oh and long walks!

And cows! Did I mention the cows?

And hammocks! There were also hammocks!

So thanks to Nicky and her family for putting us up for the weekend, it was much needed.

.And to wrap it all up I spent an afternoon with Alex Thomas (@itmaybealex) wandering around Shoreditch in some pretty crappy weather.

Alex is a delightful theatre director with a passion for musicals and cream rollnecks.

So I think that's just about it!

Have a nice June! Drink a spritz! Get a tan!



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